In the Spotlight: Argyros Estate, Santorini, Greece

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Argyros-lrSusan’s is proud to feature these excellent, easy-drinking wines from Greece.

Estate Argyros Atlantis White 2017 This delightful wine is light bodied, balanced, with cool minerality and acidity. It’s great with seafood, pasta and light
poultry. 90% Assyrtiko, 5% Aidani, 5% Athiri

Estate Argyros Atlantis Rosé 2017 is a bright, vibrant wine with strawberry, apple and cherry flavors. Its high natural acidity provides refreshing crispness. It’s a delightful summer picnic wine to enjoy alone or paired with BBQ meats. 90% Assyrtiko, 10% Mandilaria

Estate Argyros Atlantis Red 2015 Fruit forward, smooth, with spicy and
toasted notes, this wine has wonderfully fine tannins that allow it to pair with variety of meat dishes. 90% Mandilaria, 10% Mavrotragano

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