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Over 50% of Domäne Wachau’s production is given to the grape varietal Grüner Veltliner, vinified in a variety of styles. This wine is a Federspiel, a registered trademark of the Wachau district that denotes the wine is medium-bodied with a maximum alcohol content of 12.5% that it is dry without any added sugar, which is forbidden by law, and that it is elegantly balanced. The term Federspiel is derived from falconry, a once popular leisure activity among the medieval nobility, and the falcon as a symbol pays homage to this sport.

Terrassen refers to the steeply terraced vineyards throughout the Wachau valley where the grapes were carefully hand-picked. The vineyard sites were chosen for their specific microclimate and primary rock soils.

Bright yellow-green in color with aromas of green apple, white pepper, hints of mango, and delicate herbal notes, this wine is an excellent example of a traditional Federspiel with its medium body, crisp acidity, juicy fruits, and white spice on the finish. Serve well-chilled and enjoy with a wide variety of foods as fish, seafood, poultry and vegetables, or an Austrian “Wiener Schnitzel.”

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