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The Guigal family owns some of the most hallowed vineyards in the Rhône Valley and makes some of the most sought-after wines in the world. Yet, you are undoubtedly more likely to spend time with them speaking about their Côtes du Rhône Rouge. Given that this particular wine can be the introduction to the entire Rhône Valley for a novice, it is not enough for the Guigals to make a good Côtes du Rhône. They are relentlessly driven to produce distinctive, outstanding wines that drive interest in exploring the entirety of the Rhône.

The Guigal Côtes du Rhône Rouge offers tremendous warmth, spice and pleasure, but in a decidedly individual fashion. It is, unlike virtually every other Côtes du Rhône, based on Syrah, a Northern-Rhône approach that lends greater aromatic intensity and structure, though is far more difficult and costly to produce in the Southern Rhône. The aging also goes longer than other wine in the appellation in its category with a minimum of two years in a combination of stainless steel and foudres (a large wooden vat, often holds more than 1000 liters), with a deliberate blending over the course of that time. The resulting wine has remarkable harmony and complexity. It is an extraordinary value and a benchmark for the region from one of the world’s most lauded producers.

Deep and dark red in color with a shiny gloss, the wine is intensely aromatic with fresh fruits, red berries, and spices. The palate is full-bodied, round and racy, with smooth tannins. The finish is long with plenty of elegance and finesse due to this remarkable balance of tannins and fruit.

This wine is best served around 68 degrees and may be enjoyed for the next 8 years. Serve with cold meats, game birds and cheese.

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