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This dry red wine is produced by Symington’s Dow operation, best known for its Port production. The grapes (30% Tinta Barroca, 25% Touriga Nacional, 25% Touriga Franca, 15% Tinta Roriz, and 5% Tinto Cão) are grown in the same Douro Valley in Northern Portugal, and are the same grapes from which Port is made. However, this wine is vinified to be completely dry and is not fortified. For many years the Symington family made this wine for their own enjoyment and to serve to their visiting guests. The compliments and encouragement of all those who were privileged to taste it led to the commercial production and release of this red blend.

This wine shows notes of sweet licorice and a slight green pepper on the nose. This leads to an engaging palate of roasted meats, peppery grilled vegetables, more of that licorice, and a sultry, charred wood character on the finish.

One wine critic describes the wine saying, “…excellent fruit that is slightly different from what you are used to from run-of-the-mill red wine blends. Improves with air, has grip and red-power substance that will pleasure experienced palates. It may, however, be a tad too rustic and earthy for neophytes. Definitely distinctive and quaffable for lovers of idiosyncratic libations, and clearly worth a fling at the price point.”

The wine is ready to drink now but will also age well for several years. It pairs well with hearty stews, roasted meats and vegetables, and hearty cheeses.

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