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Domaines Schlumberger is the largest Grand Cru producer in Alsace. Grand Cru is the highest level of classification of Appellation d’origine contrôllée (AOC) wines from Alsace. All Schlumberger wines are estate-grown. Because of the arid conditions and steepness of the domains, the yields are about 50 percent of the average for the appellation of Alsace. The resulting grapes are very high quality and have exceptional flavor concentration.

For over 200 years, the Schlumberger family has devoted itself to farming the vineyards with passion, dedication and respect to the environment. The Les Princes Abbés range is the Schlumberger family’s tribute to the Abbot Princes from the local Abbey at Murbach who owned the vineyards in the area until the French Revolution. They were the first to export the wines from Guebwiller and were also first to affix a “Certificate of Origin” on every barrel dispatched from their cellar.

Schlumberger’s Pinot Blanc comes essentially from the vines of Saering & Spiegel, two of the four Grand Cru vineyards owned by the family. The wine is made by pneumatic pressing and static racking. Fermentation is temperature-regulated for one to four months in large tuns. The wine matures for seven months on fine lees.

The resulting wine is a lemon-yellow, dry white wine with light green reflections. The nose is pleasant and intense, dominated by apple and citrus fruits and a slight floral hint. The taste is dominated by apple and citrus fruits, with a slight bitterness.
This Pinot Blanc pairs beautifully with Alsatian cuisine, sushi, fish, or a fresh goat’s milk cheese. The suggested serving temperature is 54°F.

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