May 2021 Wine Club Red

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A glass of Giulia Negri’s wine offers so much to admire—about its maker and its terroir. Having inherited the incredible Serradenari estate from her family at the age of twenty-four, Giulia revived the property and made the conversion to organic viticulture. Her Langhe Nebbiolo vineyards in the “Pian delle Mole” (named after an ancient grain mill) lie hundreds of meters above sea level, where the soil is rich in marine sediments and surrounded by hazelnut groves and a white truffle forest. Due to her gentle approach in the vineyard and cellar, it’s amazing how lightly tinted the wine is, but so intense on the palate—it’s a total knockout.

This 100% Nebbiolo is fermented in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts for about 15 days and then aged for about 14 months in tonneaux (barrels with a capacity of 300-750 liters). The resulting wine is very aromatic but light- to medium-bodied.

This delicious Nebbiolo will pair well with dark meats, medium bodied cheeses, pizza and pasta dishes.

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