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Yes, Susan’s is moving.

After over 15 years in our current location, our landlord decided he’d be better off with a national tenant and our understanding is that AutoZone will occupy the space we’re currently in.

We were notified of this in mid December. At that time our options were to

  1. take a smaller space in the same center with a very expensive expansion to follow,
  2. find an alternate space, or
  3. simply close our doors.

Obviously, option #3 wasn’t something we wanted to consider, and we didn’t feel that yet another substantial fiscal investment into the same center was in our best interests, so we went looking for a new location.

We seriously looked at seven possibilities, and while each offered some definite advantages, each also ultimately had a deal breaker. Finally, just as we were running out of time and luck, we found the location we’ve ultimately chosen. This is a delightful space with a great deal to offer and we’re excited about all the possibilities.

We’re sure you’ll like it too. Standby for more information.

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