When Will We Reopen?

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The quick answer is that we cannot know, but our last day open for business in our current location is Friday, May 28, then we close to complete the move and wait for our our license to be relocated.

As you know, New Mexico has rather specific liquor-license laws. And, while we’ve successfully served the community in our current location, the move to a new location requires a significant application process. We’re told by the New Mexico Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) that the application takes approximately 120 days to process.

Plus, of course, we couldn’t submit the application in advance without specifying the new location. Instead, we had to lock in the new location before submitting the application. After countless disappointments and delays, we signed our lease in the new location on April 15 and submitted our application to relocate our liquor license almost immediately.

We’re doing everything in our power to accelerate the process, making sure the application is complete and correct. But 120 days from mid April is mid August. Hopefully, we’ll be able to reopen somewhat before then, but there are multiple city and state reviews and processing steps before the approval can be granted.

Plus, we probably won’t know exactly how long it will take until it’s complete. The approved application will simply be forwarded to us when it is ready, typically without notice. So, our plan is to be ready to open as soon as possible, well in advance of mid August, and then merely wait for the approval. Once we have that approval, it will be just a few days before we again open our doors to serve you.

We’ll keep you posted.

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