No, We Are NOT Downsizing!

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Actually, our new space is slightly larger than our current space, and much, much (!) nicer. We’re planning some amazing changes and upgrades in the new space. We’ll provide updates on those as things develop.

However, as noted in our post about the timing of our reopening, we expect we’ll be prevented from operating during most of the summer, while the state processes our application to relocate our license.

Like most retail businesses, we have a substantial investment in our inventory. Unlike most retail businesses, we’re not allowed to “float” or “floor” that inventory at the distributor’s expense until it sells. We are required by New Mexico law to pay for our inventory in short order and are absolutely unable to postpone that. So, as you can imagine, the cost of carrying inventory that we are not permitted to sell is quite expensive.

So, we’ve recently begun to sell down our inventory for two very important reasons:
First, just to simplify our move. It takes a lot of effort, coordination, and time to safely pack and move the many, many thousands of bottles and cans of wine, spirits, and beer that we normally have on hand. If we can reduce that, we have simplified our move.

Second, of course, is to reduce the expense of carrying inventory during a period when we are not permitted to offer it for sale. That’s a substantial cost and if we can save even part of that, we can invest that into all the upgrades we’re planning. So, it’s a trade off.

(Please note that while we remain open in our existing location, if you want something that we no longer have on hand, we’re still delighted to order it for you and can usually have it for you in a mere day or two. Just ask!)

Then, we’ll start ordering more and new product in preparation for our reopening in the new location. In fact, we plan to have approximately 50% more product display capacity in the new location, so you’ll continue to be able to shop Santa Fe’s best selection.

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