We Have Moved (all our stuff) In

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After a busy Memorial Day weekend moving all our stuff from the old place to the new one, the next project is to turn chaos into order, a step that began in earnest on Wednesday, June 2. We’re not going to publish a complete “before” photo, but this photo shows how it looks after a bit of hard work organizing by four of our staff.

As we’ve noted, the license move process can take months yet. You might conclude from our last post that our move out was rather hurried and haphazard, because everything from the old store was just unloaded into our new location without any concern for order. It was.

While we anxiously await the outcome of the licensing process, we’re using the time to at least organize everything. Although it’s difficult to tell with all the clutter, this space is much nicer than our previous location. The building itself is gorgeous and the architecture is amazing. Altogether, it presents as a very warm and inviting atmosphere that we’re sure our customers will appreciate.

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