We Have Moved Out

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When we were first told by our landlord that our lease, expiring the end of May, wouldn’t be renewable, we planned on taking a weekend or so to move out of the old premises. Little did we realize at the time that the weekend we’d need to be moving was Memorial Day weekend. Oh, well … Making lemonade and all that.

Besides reducing inventory for the last couple months to make the move easier, a week before Memorial Day we began in earnest to move items out of the old space. We disconnected and moved some furniture and computers and really began clearing out everything not needed for continued sales activities through that Friday, May 28.

We closed normally on that Friday. Then, on Saturday, the work began. First, we packed up all the product and moved it. Then, we went to work on racks, displays, and other retail equipment. That took all day Saturday and Sunday.

Then, on Monday—yes, on Memorial Day—the crew came to disassemble and remove the beer cooler while we finished clearing out the miscellaneous items that remained. Monday evening we took a well-deserved break, but we were back at it on Tuesday to get the last of the last.

As you can imagine, we were all pretty tired, so Tuesday was mostly a rest day, and we were glad for it. But, one of the things we did that day was meet with the landlord at the old location, get his blessing for our successful move out, and turn over the keys.

With just a bit of a sniffle and a small tear, we’ve completely vacated our home of over 15 years. Now, on to the future…

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