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The 2015 is a blend of Granacha (also known as Grenache) from 5 different parcels in the Campo de Borja region of Spain. Campo de Borja is immediately adjacent to the more famous regions of Rioja and Navarra. The Moncayo mountain—in the middle of Campo de Borja—influences the soil and climate of the region and produces several micro-climates. The blend in the 5G is designed to represent the various micro-climates and to pay homage to the five generations of the Torres wine-making family.

The 5G Granachas is fragrant and comes across like a joven (meaning young) Rioja. The wine is medium bodied, with notes of red cherry, raspberry and currents. Its soft and subtle tannins make it a wine that drinks well by itself. It also goes well with Mediterranean dishes such as meat stews, grilled meat and hearty rice and meat dishes. The slight hint of sweetness in this wine also allows it to pair well with barbecue sauces.

Wilfred Wong of awarded this wine 90 points stating, “I can never get enough of Granacha (aka Grenache), and the 2015 Torres 5G Cinco Granachas is certainly worth mentioning. This wine exudes ripe raspberry and boysenberry flavors. Its bright red fruit finish makes it an excellent quaffing wine with hearty party foods.”

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