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Feldwork & Coedo Gattsu Pozu DIPA

October 29, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

This collaboration brew from Northern California-based Feldwork and Coedo from Japan is 10% ABV, 93 IBU. Gattsu Pozu is the Japanese expression used when a player comes up with the big play and shows his “Guts.” The All-Star lineup of Simcoe, Chinook and Tahoma hops team up with Okinawan Amami Pink Sugar and Japanese Brown Rice in this 10% ABV homerun. Hinoki Wood (Japanese Cedar) rounds out the palette of this sneakily smooth DIPA. Floral, citrus, and complex yet light malt make this the beer for you right now to savor the crispness of fall.

Rowley Saison du Sarlacc

October 29, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

Like the dreaded sarlacc that inhabits the Great Pit of Carkoon on Tatooine, Saison du Sarlacc is a hopped up beast of a saison. Saison du Sarlacc starts out as a spelt-based saison, but is whirlpool and dry-hopped with an abundant charge of Citra, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops. This hop monster is co-fermented with Thierez yeast and Brettanomyces Bruxellensis for a bit of funk and a crisp, dry finish. It is the most hopped saison they make. For batch 2, they bumped up the ABV a bit to make it a tad bit meaner. We hope you enjoy being... View Article


September 9, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

Oktoberfest officially begins in mid-September in Germany. Celebrate your own Oktoberfest with some of the original specialty beers that are now coming in.

Odell Rupture

September 9, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

This “fresh grind” IPA incorporates a new technique where whole-cone hops are ground and added to the dry hop of this wonderfully aromatic, light-bodied beer that clocks in at 6% ABV and 37 IBU.

Rio Bravo Piñon Coffee Porter

August 10, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

Piñon coffee flavor takes center stage with roasty malt to accentuate—and a little sweetness to balance—the whole experience. 6.7% ABV, 45 IBU. Rio Bravo is a growing brewery in Albuquerque with roots in Santa Fe. We are proud to carry some of their recently released lineup. Check out their La Luz lager when you are in the mood for much lighter fare.

Odell Sunny Rain “Golden Tart” Ale

August 10, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

As we embrace the monsoon season, our desire for refreshing, light-bodied sours has not waned. Odell packed a lot of flavors into this limited release, running the gamut from citrus to dank, with a little bit of earthy funk as well. 6.0% ABV, 35 IBU.

7K IPA from Santa Fe Brewing Company

July 22, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

Taking some notes from the hazy, “juice bomb” east coast IPAs that are all the rage right now, and then applying some reason to the recipe in the form of actual bitterness imparted, Santa Fe Brewing has crafted a current, balanced IPA that is sure to appease the geekiest of beer drinkers, and probably convert some who are put off by extremely bitter IPAs. When we talk about flavors and aromas of orange marmalade, sweet grapefruit, guava, and papaya here, note that these are purely hop-derived—no added flavor extract nonsense here.

Wittekerke Wild Wit

July 5, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

Who doesn’t love a Belgian witbier? Unfiltered, yet light-bodied, they are often brightened up with a slice of citrus. The folks at Wittekerke have found a way to achieve the acidity without fruit, by putting the beer through barrel-fermentation in oak foeders to impart a clean acidity that is perfect for pairing with any grilled foods!

Sierra Nevada Summerfest

July 5, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

Ever since their conception in 19th century Bohemia, Pilsners have become one of, if not the, world’s most popular beer styles. Sierra Nevada’s take on the style pays homage to its Czech roots with Saaz and Perle hops that give this beer a spicy, floral character.

Left Hand Traveling Light Kolsch

July 5, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

Though they have never been terribly popular in the United States, the German Kolsch has long been a continental favorite. The cold-conditioned golden ale is easy-drinking and low in alcohol. Northwestern hop varietals like Mount Hood and Willamette add delicate spiciness and a zesty aroma that offer a distinctly American twist on this classic German beer.

Estrella Damm Daura Shandy

July 5, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

From the gluten-free Daura line, comes Spain’s twist on the summertime favorite shandy. The blend is 60% lager combined with 40% lemonade (and, we are told, a hint of lime) to produce this citrusy sweet, low ABV beer that is ideal for sipping as we slog through our warmer days.

Anderson Valley G&T Gose

July 5, 2017 Published by | Leave your thoughts

One of the first US breweries to produce the now-popular gose (“go-suh”) style, Anderson Valley has brought us this delightful twist on the style. Rather than building from the classic salt-and-coriander brew, their twist offers a bright lemon-lime tartness and subtle peppery finish bolstered by delicate Bravo hops.