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Left Hand Traveling Light Kolsch

July 5, 2017 Published by |

Though they have never been terribly popular in the United States, the German Kolsch has long been a continental favorite. The cold-conditioned golden ale is easy-drinking and low in alcohol. Northwestern hop varietals like Mount Hood and Willamette add delicate spiciness and a zesty aroma that offer a distinctly American twist on this classic German beer.

Estrella Damm Daura Shandy

July 5, 2017 Published by |

From the gluten-free Daura line, comes Spain’s twist on the summertime favorite shandy. The blend is 60% lager combined with 40% lemonade (and, we are told, a hint of lime) to produce this citrusy sweet, low ABV beer that is ideal for sipping as we slog through our warmer days.

Anderson Valley G&T Gose

July 5, 2017 Published by |

One of the first US breweries to produce the now-popular gose (“go-suh”) style, Anderson Valley has brought us this delightful twist on the style. Rather than building from the classic salt-and-coriander brew, their twist offers a bright lemon-lime tartness and subtle peppery finish bolstered by delicate Bravo hops.