License Approval Update

September 15, 2021 Published by |

We regret having gone silent for so long. The license transfer application process is lengthy, involved, and can include a lot of political maneuvering. For this reason, we concluded it would be best to remain quiet as the process evolved. We’ll explain. The process to transfer our license from our old location to our new location started with an application to the State. The State gathers information about compliance in the new location as it reviews the responses on the application. The State holds a public comment period and a public hearing to gather more information. They then review the... View Article

We Have Moved (all our stuff) In

June 2, 2021 Published by |

After a busy Memorial Day weekend moving all our stuff from the old place to the new one, the next project is to turn chaos into order, a step that began in earnest on Wednesday, June 2. We’re not going to publish a complete “before” photo, but this photo shows how it looks after a bit of hard work organizing by four of our staff. As we’ve noted, the license move process can take months yet. You might conclude from our last post that our move out was rather hurried and haphazard, because everything from the old store was just... View Article

We Have Moved Out

June 2, 2021 Published by |

When we were first told by our landlord that our lease, expiring the end of May, wouldn’t be renewable, we planned on taking a weekend or so to move out of the old premises. Little did we realize at the time that the weekend we’d need to be moving was Memorial Day weekend. Oh, well … Making lemonade and all that. Besides reducing inventory for the last couple months to make the move easier, a week before Memorial Day we began in earnest to move items out of the old space. We disconnected and moved some furniture and computers and... View Article

When Will We Reopen?

May 6, 2021 Published by |

The quick answer is that we cannot know, but our last day open for business in our current location is Friday, May 28, then we close to complete the move and wait for our our license to be relocated. As you know, New Mexico has rather specific liquor-license laws. And, while we’ve successfully served the community in our current location, the move to a new location requires a significant application process. We’re told by the New Mexico Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) that the application takes approximately 120 days to process. Plus, of course, we couldn’t submit the application... View Article

No, We Are NOT Downsizing!

May 3, 2021 Published by |

Actually, our new space is slightly larger than our current space, and much, much (!) nicer. We’re planning some amazing changes and upgrades in the new space. We’ll provide updates on those as things develop. However, as noted in our post about the timing of our reopening, we expect we’ll be prevented from operating during most of the summer, while the state processes our application to relocate our license. Like most retail businesses, we have a substantial investment in our inventory. Unlike most retail businesses, we’re not allowed to “float” or “floor” that inventory at the distributor’s expense until it... View Article

This Page Title Says It All

May 3, 2021 Published by |

Yes, Susan’s is moving. After over 15 years in our current location, our landlord decided he’d be better off with a national tenant and our understanding is that AutoZone will occupy the space we’re currently in. We were notified of this in mid December. At that time our options were to take a smaller space in the same center with a very expensive expansion to follow, find an alternate space, or simply close our doors. Obviously, option #3 wasn’t something we wanted to consider, and we didn’t feel that yet another substantial fiscal investment into the same center was in... View Article