Barrel-Select Whiskey Tasting

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  • August 31, 2018
    4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

We at Susan’s pioneered the barrel-select program in New Mexico a number of years ago. This unique program has grown quite popular and Susan’s continues to offer some of the most interesting barrel programs to our customers.

Occasionally, the best distilleries will offer a very limited number of the most respected retailers the opportunity to select a single barrel of ready-to-blend-and-bottle products. Typically, all barrels in a batch are blended together to smooth out the characteristics of any single barrel. However, the master distillers have long known that some of those many barrels offer such unique and defining characteristics that they deserve to stand on their own rather than merely contributing to the blended whole.

Thus, the barrel-select program was born. The master distillers sample all the barrels and select the few that they think should be offered individually rather than have their specialness lost in the bulk bottling. They then offer us flasks of these hand-selected barrels and we are faced with the challenging task of deciding first if we think that barrel is indeed superior to the normal product. Assuming so (not always the case), we then select which of the barrels we think our customers will like the best.

We then purchase the entire barrel. It’s bottled in a special run, labeled with the standard label for that product, then further identified as the barrel specifically selected by and bottled for Susan’s Fine Wine and Spirits.

Only rarely do we offer a tasting of these specially selected bottlings. At this complimentary event, Adam Howard, our general manager and spirits buyer will be walking you through the different flavor profiles, and sampling our picks from Jefferson’s very small batch, Santa Fe Spirits Colkeegan, Apple Brandy cask finish Colkeegan, Turley Mills Cask strength rye and our newest edition, Old Forester Single Barrel. Each pour has its own very unique nose and flavor profile. Come in and join us to find out which profile intrigues you the most.

This is a rare opportunity indeed to sample these high-demand products that we have personally selected and that you can only get at Susan’s. Plus, when these are gone, they’re gone forever since that particular barrel profile can never be exactly duplicated.

In addition, during the event, all barrel-select whiskeys sampled will be offered at 10% off—the first time these special products have been offered at any discount. Please come by and discover why.

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