Special Seminar on Natural Wines

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  • December 6, 2018
    5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Susan’s Fine Wine and Spirits carries one of the area’s most extensive selection of natural wines. At this special seminar you can find out exactly what it means to be a natural wine. Martha and Paul Aguilar of PM Wine Distribution will be explaining some of the most important aspects of natural wine production, including:

  • Organically or biodynamically grown grapes only
  • Dry-farmed, low-yielding vineyards
  • Hand-picked
  • No added sugars and no foreign yeast
  • No adjustments for acidity
  • No additives for color, mouth-feel, minerality, etc
  • No external flavor additives, including those derived from new oak barrels, staves, chips, or liquid extract
  • Minimal or no fining or filtration (no filtration at all is ideal)
  • No manipulation
  • Little or no added sulphites (no sulphur at all is ideal)

When properly managed, the result is a living wine, wholesome and full of naturally occurring microbiology, according to Isabelle Leger.

This seminar will explore these features and more through a sampling of seven wines and offer an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about this current and very prevalent movement.

The seminar is limited to 16 participants and the $15 tuition may be credited toward any purchase of wines featured in the seminar. Please call the store, 505-984-1582, to register for this unusual seminar.

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