Steel Bender Tasting

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  • December 7, 2018
    4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

SteelbenderAdam from Steel Bender Brewyard will be coming to Susan’s to let us explore their fantastic lineup. At this free tasting, Adam will be pouring samples of Steel Bender favorites and will even be featuring a few special releases.

LLOYD’S 3 O’CLOCK KOLSCH A light and dry easy-drinking Kolsch-style ale brewed with German pilsner malt and German hops, fermented cool to produce a clean, refreshing brew with an herbal, lemon-hop character

SKULLBUCKET IPA A light-colored ale that boasts aromas of orange and pine with ripe peach and apricot atop toasted sugar and bread crust

BLACKBERRY DYNAMITE Brewed with two-row, wheat, acidulated malts, hopped with Magnum, kettle soured, fermented with house European Ale yeast, and packed with blackberry puree, Blackberry DYNAMITE is sure to tickle your fancy this Autumn.

INGENIO It began with a local favorite, The Village Wit, flavored with bitter and sweet orange peel and coriander seeds. And not to mention, a great candidate for barrel aging. The only question: what kind of barrel? TEQUILA (another favorite in these parts), which is where the Wit roosted for a 6-month stay (along with Brettanomyces) before it was bottled. Months later, the carbonation developed, the flavors mingled. And now, crisp, dry INGENIO boasts funk in the forefront, and a tequila, oak, fruit, and bit of barnyard nose.

GRIS GRIS In the grey existence that was city life during the Industrial Revolution, a light and quaffable beer emerged, its purpose to quench the thirst of hard-working factory folks and served by hard-working women dressed in grey. The Grisette was born. This Grisette comes to you thanks to Amarillo and Perle hops, two-row, wheat, and acidulated malts, and raw wheat berries. Produced by our house Belgian strain and conditioned in the bottle for the tiniest of bubbles.

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