Meet Our Staff

Adam Howard
General Manager

With a background in retail management, Adam came to Susan’s Fine Wine and Spirits initially as a part-time clerk. His potential was immediately obvious and it wasn’t long before he was hired away from his previous employer and promoted to full-time general manager of the store, reporting directly to Nirmala.

In addition to having overall responsibility for the store and staff, Adam is the store’s lead spirits buyer, a role he enthusiastically undertook and has filled with great affinity, having brought in many new whiskeys and other fine spirits.

Barbara Bjorn
Barbara Bjorn
Wine Buyer and Event Planner

Barbara’s first love was art. However, at age 19 she discovered her passion for food and wine. With her parents’ blessing and assistance, at that age she began her serious studies of wine, always with an eye on the artistry of food. With a degree in fine art and a career in contemporary arts in L.A., Barbara chose to pursue professional study in both wine and culinary fields after moving back east.

Ms. Bjorn was awarded certification from the Sommelier Society of America (Wine Captain), Peter Kump’s NY Cooking School, and the Court of Master Sommeliers (Levels I and II).

Over the course of 20 years, Barbara has successfully managed kitchens and wine stores in Cleveland, OH and Nevada County, CA, accompanied by extensive travel throughout wine regions in the U.S. and Europe. After relocating to Santa Fe, she now oversees the wine inventory at Susan’s Fine Wine and Spirits.

Eva Moldovanyi
Assistant Store Manager

Ms. Moldovanyi’s chosen vocation was in geology, earning BA and MS degrees before adding a Ph.D. in geochemistry. These impressive credentials led to a notable career in the oil and gas industry in Houston, TX.

In parallel with her career in geology, Eva began serious studies of wines from around the world. It was on that path that she earned level 1 and 2 certifications in wine fundamentals from the International Sommelier Guild and even attended an introduction to wine and wine making through UC Davis — a school well known for its leadership in oenology.

This allowed Eva to further explore her passion for wine as she undertook to shift her personal and professional life to Santa Fe, where she joined the staff at Susan’s as the New Mexico wine buyer and assistant store manager. Her enthusiasm, expertise, and delightful energy have led her to become a highly valued staff member.

Jordon Jensen
Beer Department Manager

Jordan has successfully turned his passion for beer into a career. That passion caused him to fully explore the ranges of brews that are available and to become an extremely knowledgeable cicerone. After attending college in Colorado, Jordan then leveraged that knowledge and expertise into positions in management of venues in Colorado and New Mexico that specialized in the production, sales, and dispensing of a variety of excellent beers.

Susan’s Fine Wine and Spirits is pleased that Mr. Jensen chose to join the staff as manager of the beer department. In this capacity, he is responsible for the routine buying and merchandising of the vast — and growing — selection of craft and imported beers and ciders. In addition to these daunting tasks, Jordon assists as needed in the daily operations of the store overall.

Prabha Ganapathy
Prabha Ganapathy
Owner, Special Orders and Special Events Coordinator

Prabha, one of the owners, has an extensive corporate business background working in marketing and customer service. Although initially a “silent partner” living in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has now taken a critical role in the daily business of the store.

Prabha oversees our Special Orders, working with customers who have special requests, and with our vendors to acquire for our customers those unique products they want that are not normally available in the store. In that role, she also coordinates our outside events sales, working with caterers and individuals planning parties, weddings and other events.

Nirmala Ganapathy
Nirmala Ganapathy
Owner, Manager

Nirmala Ganapathy, one of the owners of the store, has an extensive background in business and consumer products. Nirmala is responsible for the overall operations of the store, although she prefers to leave many of the day-to-day activities to the store’s many capable employees, instead taking more of a behind-the-scenes approach.

Her insatiable thirst for knowledge has led her to become quite knowledgeable about all the store’s products and she’s as comfortable helping a customer select an inexpensive bottle of whiskey as an exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon.