October 9, 2019

"If they don't have it they will get it. Good prices, good beer selection. Helpful people."
August 9, 2019

"Excellent beer selection, and I'm sure the wine and spirits aren't too shabby either. You can now also order wines and draft local beers to enjoy on site, too. A wonderful place!"
June 18, 2019

"A quality selection for a wide range of prices. One of the better liquor stores in Santa Fe"
April 28, 2019

"Medium size store that specializes in wine. They have a pretty wide selection and price range. They have a limited selection of ales and spirits."
July 7, 2018

Unpretentious and Welcoming

"Stopped by on the strength of reviews here but was unprepared to be totally blown away by the caliber of the selections. You'd have to go to K and L in San Francisco or one of a handful of elite East Coast shops to find offerings of wine, beer and spirits curated with this much care. Having been fortunate to spend a lot of time in vineyards and wine shops in Italy and France what a delight to see the amazing selection here of small producers from the Rhone valley and Piedmont, obscure specialties from pioneering importers like Kermit Lynch, great Calvados and Armagnacs from San Francisco's Charles Neal, phenomenal rum and tequila and (last not least) the most carefully-chosen cooler full of Belgian ales and U.S. micros I've ever encountered. This is a store where a connoisseur could drop serious money and feel great about it, yet with service so unpretentious and welcoming that just stopping by for a six pack or good value bottle of wine for dinner is just as appropriate."