Susan’s Wine Club

Wine Club BenefitsDo you enjoy exploring different wines, wineries, vintages, appellations, and varieties? Would you like to save money on each wine purchase? Then, Susan’s Wine Club is for you. Each month, we carefully select two different wines for your enjoyment. The selection usually includes one white and one red, but we’ll occasionally mix it up by possibly including a rosé or a sparkling wine. At the beginning of each month, your wines are packaged, we notify you by e-mail and you’re charged $34.99 for these two bottles. You can come by the store any time and pick them up. We even hold them for you if you’re out of town.

The wines we select are chosen to help expand your taste, your experience. They might be varieties you’ve never encountered before, or they might be from regions you never would have considered. The wine-club selections are always delightful, quality choices and are a great value with the normal shelf price of each typically ranging from $16.99 to over $20. And you get both for $34.99. The wine club offers additional benefits:

  • Wine Club members get a 10% discount on all wine purchases regardless of quantity.
  • Wine Club members get discounts and priority access to limited-seating seminars.
  • Occasionally, wineries make promotional items available to us and we give those to Wine Club members.
  • Membership can be cancelled or even suspended at any time, so part-year residents can enjoy Wine Club membership.

Susan’s Fine Wine and Spirits Wine Club Selections

May 2021 Wine Club Red

2018 GIULIA NEGRI LANGHE NEBBIOLO PIAN DELLE MOLE A glass of Giulia Negri’s wine offers so much to admire—about its maker and its terroir. Having inherited the incredible Serradenari estate from her family at the age of twenty-four, Giulia revived the property and made the conversion to organic viticulture. Her Langhe Nebbiolo vineyards in the “Pian delle Mole” (named after an ancient grain mill) lie hundreds of meters above sea level, where the soil is rich in marine sediments and surrounded by hazelnut groves and a white truffle forest. Due to her gentle approach in the vineyard and cellar, it’s amazing how lightly tinted the wine is, but so intense on the palate—it’s a total knockout. This 100% Nebbiolo is fermented in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts for about 15 days and then aged for about 14 months in tonneaux…

May 2021 Wine Club Other Red

MOLO 8 LAMBRUSCO Normally, Susan’s Wine Club offers one white and one red wine each month, but this month we’re offering a lighter red variety you might not have tried in many years, that replaces our white selection. The story of Molo 8 began in 1921 with Quitico Decordi Sr. and his family who made their living in a small, family-run eatery that was known for serving the favorite local dishes. In addition to his fabulous food, Quitico began producing his own wine to serve in his restaurant. The local acclaim for the wines was so great that the family started focusing their efforts on winemaking, moving from simple house wine to crafting artisanal wines produced from local grapes. The Decordi’s reputation for producing great wine grew and with it so did demand. In 1950, the family built a new…
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