Susan's Wine Club

Wine Club Benefits

Do you enjoy exploring different wines, wineries, vintages, appellations, and varieties? Would you like to save money on each wine purchase? Then, Susan’s Wine Club is for you. Each month, we carefully select two different wines for your enjoyment. The selection usually includes one white and one red, but we’ll occasionally mix it up by possibly including a rosé or a sparkling wine. At the beginning of each month, your wines are packaged, we notify you by e-mail and you’re charged $29.99 for these two bottles. You can come by the store any time and pick them up. We even hold them for you if you’re out of town.

The wines we select are chosen to help expand your taste, your experience. They might be varieties you’ve never encountered before, or they might be from regions you never would have considered. The wine-club selections are always delightful, quality choices and are a great value with the normal shelf price of each typically ranging from $16.99 to over $20. And you get both for $34.99. The wine club offers additional benefits:

  • Wine Club members get a 10% discount on all wine purchases regardless of quantity.
  • Wine Club members get discounts and priority access to limited-seating seminars.
  • Occasionally, wineries make promotional items available to us and we give those to Wine Club members.
  • Membership can be cancelled or even suspended at any time, so part-year residents can enjoy Wine Club membership.

Susan’s Fine Wine and Spirits Wine Club Selections

February 2018 Wine Club Red

February 6, 2018 Published by |

THE 2015 CHAPOUTIER LA CIBOISE LUBERON ROUGE The Luberon ranks among one of the most sun-drenched regions in France with approximately 2,600 hours of sun per year. Grape vines in this region date back to Roman times. The climate and terroir of this region result in rich, bold, complex wines. The La Ciboise Rouge is a blend of Grenache and Syrah. The grapes were harvested at their peak of phenolic ripeness. (Phenols are complex molecules in the skin that go from being bitter when green to pleasantly astringent and soft when ripe.) The resulting wine is aged on its lees... View Article

February 2018 Wine Club White

February 6, 2018 Published by |

THE 2015 CHAPOUTIER BELLERUCHE CÔTES-DU-RHÔNE BLANC Vineyards of the Côtes-du-Rhône are some of the oldest in France. White wine blends from this region tend to be crisp, clean, aromatic and refreshing. The Belleruche Blanc is a blend of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Viognier, Clairette and Bourboulenc. Grenache Blanc gives the wine its green apple and stone fruit notes. Roussanne brings in herbal notes. Viognier brings a smooth, oily texture and floral aromas. Clairette adds to the fruitfulness of the wine and Bourboulenc adds to the floral aromas. The fruit was harvested at night to limit oxidation, which can be a problem... View Article